The Unseen ‎– Internal Salvation

The Unseen ‎– Internal Salvation
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The Unseen   ‎–  Internal Salvation   Trackliste Anzeigen Mitwirkende... mehr
"The Unseen ‎– Internal Salvation"

The Unseen ‎– Internal Salvation


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A1 Brutal Truth (Intro)  
A2 Such Tragedy  
A3 At Point Break  
A4 Right Before Your Eyes  
A5 Torn & Shattered (Nothing Left)  
A6 Break Away  
B1 Let It Go  
B2 No Direction  
B3 In Your Place  
B4 Left For Dead  
B5 Step Inside...Take Your Life  
B6 Act The Part  
B7 Talking Bombs
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